Rey Ybarra




Multimedia Book Author of Conversations With Shark Tank Winners, Speaker, Event Owner/Producer, Live Entrepreneur Panel Producer/Moderator and TV Program Creator/Producer,  Rey is a multifaceted media talent! 

A media pro for over 23 plus years,  Rey has partnered and worked with the top organizations for business owners, entrepreneurs, business students and some of the most successful Shark Tank entrepreneurs on the planet!

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He has toured the U.S. with The Small Business Expo featured Main Stage, The Network After Work Group, the biggest group of online business professionals with 1.3 million members across the U.S., The University of Phoenix School of Business (Pasadena & Florida Campuses), Broward College of Business in Ft.Lauderdale Florida and Santa Monica College. 

Rey is in pre-production for his TV program set to debut in 2019 featuring many of his Shark Tank entrepreneur friends!   Stay tuned for more announcements.  

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